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Character: Foxface
Series/Canon: The Hunger Games
From When? The end of the Games, just before the berries incident

History: Not much is known about Foxface in canon, not even her name. For the purposes of rping her I am relying heavily on headcanon supplemented by research of the existing stories and world-building material Suzanne Collins has provided.

‘Foxface’ is a nickname Katniss called her by secretly, not knowing her real name. Her given name is Ember. Her parents, both low-level researchers in the power plants, were what roughly translates to middle class, though being of a District meant her family was subject to the same sorts of indignities as most of the other Tributes’. But District 5 also took out less Tesserae on average than the poorer ones. Ember certainly did not need to do it. That fact coupled with her being an only child meant that her being Reaped was a significant blow to her family.

Growing up she had a comfortable enough life, with her parents emotionally distant and only really interested in her academic prowess. They named her Ember in part because of the conventions of the Districts to name children according to what they produce but also because she was supposed to be the spark that would do her family proud. She had few friends and was something of an introvert, floating through life like a ghost. Rather than excel at her classes she purposely performed at average. When Ember was Reaped her parents turned their backs on her, finding it easier to blame her than to mourn. That her gameplay ended up being similar to Johanna Mason’s strategy of appearing unassuming and nonthreatening (and therefore unforgettable) was no mistake; she had no real support outside the Arena, nothing terribly likeable about her, and no family cheering her on. She couldn’t even stomach the thought of killing for food, let alone killing another human being. But she did have a very high IQ and the ability to see opportunity where others saw a lost cause. Staying under the radar suited her.

She received a low score from the Makers during the pre-Games assessment, but she was one of the last four Tributes in the Arena, mostly by using a strategy of avoidance. She only occasionally showed up in the book, because she and Katniss rarely crossed paths. The few times that they did, she stole resources from a booby-trapped Careers camp and was seen running to and from the Cornucopia to retrieve her backpack during the Banquet. Once the Careers’ resources were blown up Katniss noticed that Foxface began looking thinner, probably because she had relied so heavily on those resources. Her final act in the Games was to steal and eat berries Peeta was picking, unaware that they were actually poisonous nightlock.


Foxface is nicknamed so by Katniss for a reason: she has a thin face and a crafty, closed expression. Her strategy in the Games also reflects a devious, clever nature; Katniss remarks at one point that she might do well in an alliance with Foxface but she’d probably end up stabbed in the back by her. In other words, Foxface does not give the impression of being a trustworthy person. She keeps to herself, takes care of herself, does not appear to form any alliances, and takes no issue with stealing what others have gone to great lengths to collect or defend in the Arena. Even the small snippet of her interview we see in the movie makes her out to be a cold, calculating and analytical sort of person who keeps things extremely close to her chest. Analyzing the situation and applying one’s self, after all, is not a complete strategy and sounds more like she’s eluding the real question.

But what is she hiding? I think she’s hiding a spirit more gentle than Katniss gives her credit for. Foxface never kills a single Tribute in the Arena, and that probably isn’t by chance. There’s no mention she’s had a single altercation during the Games. Her strategy purposely relies on avoidance, except when she needs supplies. And even then, she takes what she needs and keeps the Careers as a future resource. It’s Katniss who takes the offensive and destroys everything. Foxface truly lives as a scavenger, not a warrior. This is not the plan of a cold and calculating backstabber, but a scared girl who finds it easier to keep her distance emotionally and physically rather than trust anyone or get attached to them. In other words, she’s what Katniss was trying to be but failed. Foxface obviously has enough smarts to set traps if she chooses; instead she lives like a ghost and counts on being forgotten because she doesn’t want to kill anyone. This side of her is seen in the movie during the scene just following the Bloodbath, where she and Katniss literally bump into each other. Rather than fight, both of them look shocked and then, in implicit and completely silent agreement, back away from each other and go their separate ways.

It is obvious that Foxface’s smarts and knowledge do not extend to plants; while Katniss can easily identify nightlock, Foxface accidentally poisons herself with the berries. She doesn’t have the ability to hunt her own food either, since when the Career camp gets blown up she begins getting noticeably thinner. But she is able to figure out, probably by observation, that the Careers have booby-trapped their store and she performs an elaborate and strange ‘dance’ to avoid the landmines and reach it. This means she must have an excellent memory and spatial intelligence, which again the movie supports by showing her excelling at a matching game during Training at the Capitol. She’s good at general strategy and quick on her feet, as shown during the Banquet at the Cornucopia. Rather than wait for the others to make their move, she chooses to dash out and grab her backpack before anyone else can do anything. While this could result in her death, she correctly relies on the assumption that no one else will dare to expose themselves chasing her, and that if she’s quick enough she can use the element of surprise against them. As Katniss notes, it depends entirely on Foxface being first, and only she is smart enough to figure that out.

If I’m allowed to have Foxface somehow get recruited during the Games, I’d imagine that getting out of the Arena would be incentive enough for her to agree to do just about anything. Since her parents have effectively disowned her, and since she’s lived much of her life on the outside of things anyway, she’d have little difficulty leaving Panem behind and adapting to work that’s more constructive than destructive. A chance to build a better world would intrigue her, but primarily it’s a place to hide.

Why do you think your character would work in this setting? Foxface is highly intelligent and has specific knowledge that may fill in some gaps in the community, due to her District being centered around the generation and harnessing of power. She has firsthand experience surviving in an unfamiliar and harsh environment, being a Tribute in the Games. While she is not the best as far as hunting and gathering goes, she is good at improvisation and strategy, making her a general asset to the group. Boomtown is going to need people who can think fast on their feet as well as possess specialized skills and knowledge. She's good at reading people and guessing what they are going to do next, which could come in handy when planning policy or just managing unruly coworkers. Finally, she effectively has no family or home to get back to, meaning she can apply herself fully to the situation she finds herself in without getting homesick.

Inventory: She’ll be bringing her backpack from the Banquet, which will include a frying pan, fire-starter, and a meager amount of food.


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